Training program: Master Class for resellers

Learn how to master GoodBarber to deliver top notch apps to your customers 

About the training program

The program consists of an online live master class, during which we will cover a specific topic, in a limited time. 

They are exclusive to you and your team. Through practical examples, you'll move quickly up the learning curve. At the end of the training session, you'll be ready to get the best of the GoodBarber technology to build apps for your customers.

Choose the classes you need!

How to start a project. Progressive web apps and native apps.
The reseller dashboard. How to manage projects and your reseller account.
Authentication features and User features of the add-on store.
Add-ons part 1. Local business add-ons
Add-on part 2. Advanced notifications: web, scheduled, SMS, geo, ...
Testing a project and submitting it to the Stores




Marie Daujam is GoodBarber's Customer Onboarding Success Manager. She likes investing plenty of her time in understanding how she can help drive resellers' success. As a result, she makes sure to point people in the right direction to set up their projects.

About your coach

Marie Daujam

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Price: Free - limited time offer
Pre-requisite: : Active reseller plan