How to make money building                 and selling apps? 

With this eBook you''ll learn how you can generate revenue by creating and selling apps. After an overview of the market, the guide will show you how to make the most of GoodBarber's tools to gain new clients, retain them and generate additional revenue. A must-have tool to make your mobile app reseller business profitable.

About GoodBarber

GoodBarber is an app builder created in 2011. We deliver a tool which allows the creation of robust and powerful apps, with the best design and user experience out there. GoodBarber's mission is to make technology available on both mobile and the web. Thanks to the 30,000 apps using GoodBarber today, we have been coordinating investment in Research & Development, with ownership costs divided by 20 for our clients.

It's to maintain these goals that we constantly rethink the way we create our Beautiful Apps. This is exemplified through our bold positioning: the choice to develop native apps when we created GoodBarber, now combined with the next generation of apps, Progressive Web Apps.

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Why start selling Apps?

Which industries can you target?

How to use social media to market your business?

Top tips to sell apps

How to handle leads’ objections?

How to stand out from the competition?

How to set up a pricing strategy?

How to build clients’ loyalty?

How to generate additional revenue?

Resellers Success Stories


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