A guide for agencies considering using an app builder to create apps for their clients

If you are considering selling native apps or if you are in the process of growing your business selling apps, everything you need to know is inside this Ebook.

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Find an answer to any question

Why do my client need an app?

Why should I use an app builder?

How can I get started selling?

What are the «must have» of an agency?

How should I price my apps?

What features can I offer to my clients?

What if my clients need custom features?

How can I show my clients a preview

 version of their apps ?

How about the transition of ownership?

My client’s developer accounts vs. my own

Should I tell my client that I’m using an 

app builder?

How can I get s

The great design book powers our creative process and allows us to iterate on ideas for digital campaigns.



“The builder allows us to make modifications on the go, cutting down time and costs, even for our client. By the way, GoodBarber was chosen after a careful selection and analysis of over 5 different app-builders, lasting more than 1 year.”

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About GoodBarber

GoodBarber is an app builder created in 2011. We deliver a tool which allows the creation of robust and powerful apps, with the best design and user experience out there. GoodBarber's mission is to make technology available on both mobile and the web. Thanks to the 30,000 apps using GoodBarber today, we have been coordinating investment in Research & Development, with ownership costs divided by 20 for our clients.

It's to maintain these goals that we constantly rethink the way we create our Beautiful Apps. This is exemplified through our bold positioning: the choice to develop native apps when we created GoodBarber, now combined with the next generation of apps, Progressive Web Apps.


“There have been many satisfying moments in business… the best being the look in a business owner's eyes when they truly “get it” as we demonstrate the power of literally reaching into the pocket of their consumers in real time.”

Fire Breathing Penguin, USA
Adam Wood, co-founder

Draculapp, UK/Italy/Middle East
Martin de Bonis, Chief Information Officer